PowerShape kehahooldus

Lisa ostukorvi


The POWERShape device is the latest technology for reducing fat tissue and tightening the skin. The treatment combines bipolar radio waves, vacuum massage and lipolaser.

This technology has been designed specifically to shrink grown fat cells, improve metabolism and stimulate collagen production. It's a non-surgical and painless method for cellulite treatment, which has a positive side effect of a smoother skin, fewer wrinkles and better blood flow. There's no need for a separate recovery after the treatment and you can perform it after work without hindering your everyday life.

The 3-in-1 system (Radio waves, vacuum massage and lipolaser) works like this:Bipolar radio waves (2 MHz), transfers heat energy to the treatable area, heating the skin up to 42 degrees and up to 5-10 mm deep. The heat causes the spread of oxygen inside the cells to improve, helps microcirculation inside the cells, improves metabolism and elasticity of your skin and has a tightening effect.Vacuum massage (650 mmHg) stimulates lymph circulation and improves blood flow. Vacuum helps transfer energy deeper into the tissue, causing a tightening effect on the connective tissue and decreasing fat tissueLipolaser - a laser beam at a low 650 nm wavelength, which improves metabolism and stimulates blood circulation.

Treatments can be performed on all areas of the skin.
Common treatable areas are: stomach, back, buttocks, thighs from the front and back. In addition to massaging and moisturising the skin, it also has a peeling effect.

The POWERShape device is produced in South Korea and has been approved by CE and FDA.